Meetup Location

Our group meets at 6:30pm, on the second Tuesday of each month, at the First Lutheran Church*, 803 3rd Avenue in Longmont.  The easiest way to find it is to enter the church's covered parking garage from Pratt Street just south of 3rd Avenue, park, and come in through the door on that level.  There is parking in the covered garage as well as on the street.  We will have signs to direct you to the room.  

This is a great way to form connections with other nursing mother.  We are also happy to answer any breastfeeding questions you have, whether or not they are related to the meetup topic.  

Please note we are a nut-free zone.

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Many thanks to First Lutheran Church for so generously sharing their space with us. It is much appreciated!

Note:  La Leche League does not align with any one religion.  Mothers from all backgrounds are welcome.


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