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Breastfeeding Baby Up

Why La Leche League?

Nursing your baby is the most natural and effective way of understanding and satisfying the needs of your baby. It is a very beautiful and loving act. But, as natural as it may be, it does not always come naturally to us. Breastfeeding is a learned behavior - we are supposed to have a community to teach us how to nurse our babies!

La Leche is a unique community in the lactation field. Our Leaders don’t preach or teach, we listen and share information, we offer support and resources to anyone who is interested in nursing their baby.  You never have to pay a few for our help.

La Leche League is a place to come and share your experiences as well as to pick up a few ideas from others. It’s all about sharing, peer support; and face it, the joys and challenges of parenthood are worth sharing.

What are LLL Leaders?

Accredited by La Leche League International, our volunteer LLL Leaders are experienced breastfeeding mothers, who are familiar with current research and findings dealing with all aspects of nursing. We offer practical information and support through phone/email help, free monthly meetups, and lending libraries of books on childbirth, breastfeeding, and related parenting topics.  Click here to contact a leader.


The testimonials, below, are from current and former LLL of Longmont Members:

  • "LLL of Longmont has helped me raise a healthier child, educated me about the advantages of breastfeeding and helped me form a closer bond with my daughter." -Meagan Dawson

  • "Without La Leche League I would have quit Breastfeeding. My daughter Autumn was born at the end of September 2002, and without the help, support and knowledge I received from the ladies of LLL of Longmont I would never have been able to breastfeed a full fifteen months. Having other women to talk to, who are going through the same experiences as I was going through made a hard time much easier." -Tara Amendola

  • "After leaving my corporate job at nearly 40 years old to tackle motherhood for the first time, I found myself grappling with the need for socialization and support in this incredibly challenging new role. Being a natural products buyer was so much simpler; I could always leave the stress of the job there and come home. Feeling alone and insecure and desperately wanting to do the very best things possible for my baby made me seek out groups and organizations that would help support me and my baby as we grew together. LLL of Longmont has provided nurturing for me when I felt exhausted, confused and scared early on as a new mother. They have provided support and answered breastfeeding questions both at the meetings and when I have just needed to call someone and ask a question. They gave me a place to come and talk to other mothers. And they have empowered me to feel confident in following my heart in making decisions about what I think is right for my child. I’m very grateful to the organization and the leaders for taking the time to provide this service." -Tricia Marsh

  • “I have been attending LLL of Longmont evening meetings since July of 2001, when I was 5 months pregnant with my first child. The group has supported me through many questions and issues that have come up over the past two years including working while breastfeeding, storing expressed breast milk, nursing through pregnancy and tandem nursing. I have always felt understood and appreciated as a member of the group who brings a slightly different perspective as a working breastfeeding mother of two nurslings." -Margaret Ashton

  • "Through LLL, I have gained so much valuable knowledge from the people there, much more than what I've even read in books. As a new mother, the support has been tremendous; it makes such a difference to be with other mothers who have the same feelings as I do about something as important to my baby as breastfeeding. LLL has been an awesome group for me!” -Amy Webe

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